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What I Learned From Idol

Pages written since last post: ABSOLUTELY ZERO (but I had lots of great ideas!) Okay, I’m busted. For the past four years I have been a closet American Idol fan. I resisted as long as I could, but really, as a writer, isn’t it irresponsible to ignore a cultural phenomenon? I can’t help noticing that over the years the competition has gone from an amateur talent show to a battle of the professionals, and that’s what made this season to interesting to me. When the top ten contenders are all outstanding, what is it about that one that defines star power– in a singer, a dancer, an actor or a writer? If Idol is emblematic of success in the entertainment industry– and, take my word for it, if you are a writer, you are in the entertainment industry--what can we learn from this past season? One by one I watched the front-runners fall. Lil Rounds. Allison. Danny?? They were all incredible performers; they had risen above the crowd and defeated thousands upon thousands of competi

Back Again

Pages written since last post:273 (50 of which have been written over...and over..and over again) It's the same old story:when you make your living as a writer, you sometimes have to actually write. Not to mention proofread, edit, revise, review the copy edit and promote the book you've written. I am in awe of those writers-- and agents, and editors-- who can do their jobs and still have time (and words!) left over for blogging. Who can possibly have that much to say? However, acutely aware of my failings as a blogger, I hereby resolve to be more conscientious about expressing my opinions on a variety of topics online, whether or not those opinons have any merit at all, and whether or not anyone is interested. So stand by. Meanwhile, what have I been reading? Most memorably, An Irish Country Doctor and An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylo r. These books are like comfort food for a cold rainy spring.