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Into the Woods

  Pre-order for Kindle  here   Available in paperback and hardcover May 30 Audio coming in July  Despite the fact that I write about an adventurous search and rescue team, one of the things Raine Stockton and I do  not  have in common is an enthusiasm for wilderness camping.  Regular camping, yes.  Glamping, even more.  But as I have famously said, if I ever find myself alone in the middle of the woods the only thing I'll be searching for is the nearest Holiday Inn.   After reading  Dead Man's Trail , you may feel the same. Like most writers, I know a little bit about almost everything, but wilderness survival is not my forte.  (If you need to know how to house train a puppy, though, I'm your girl!) For the rich wilderness background against which  Dead Man's Trail  is set, I had to do a little research.  Some of the things I discovered were just common sense, some I already knew simply from growing up in the country,  and some were absolutely fascinating.  Please note,