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Listen Here

  I can hardly believe that FLASH IN THE DARK is my 25 th book produced on Audible. My very first Audible book, Smoky Mountain Tracks was produced and narrated in 2014 by Donna Postel, who has since gone on to narrate eighteen more books for me, including Flash in the Dark. That first audiobook not only changed my life by making my Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries available to a much wider audience than I ever imagined, it changed the way I write. Before I heard Donna reading my words I was frankly a little baffled as to why people even liked Raine Stockton.   But when I heard Donna’s dry, sometimes self-deprecating and often humorous take on Raine’s character, I suddenly got it.   By George, I actually liked Raine a little better myself.   Since then, whenever I write a Raine Stockton mystery, it’s Donna’s voice I hear in my head.   She has become, in my mind and in the minds of thousands of readers, the voice of Raine Stockton. The same became true when she took over the Dogleg Isla