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Can Artificial Intelligence Write a Better Novel Than I Can?

 Can AI write a better novel than a human?  There's only one way to find out: ask it!  So I did, and this is what my Chat GTP app replied: In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has made tremendous strides in the fields of robotics, healthcare, finance, and more. But could AI ever outdo humans when it comes to creative endeavors like writing a novel? It’s a question that has been debated for years, and one that has no clear answer. On the one hand, AI algorithms can be incredibly powerful and efficient when it comes to processing data and creating models. AI can easily crunch through large amounts of data to recognize patterns, generate predictions, and make decisions. This means that AI could potentially be used to generate stories, characters, and plotlines that are more complex and interesting than those created by humans. On the other hand, AI still lacks the creative spark that humans possess. AI algorithms can generate stories and dialogue, but they cannot create t

By Any Other Name

This post is part of a series on AI vs. Human content.  Can you tell which parts were written by me, and which were written by Chat CPT, an artificial intelligence writing app?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Little known fact: SMOKY MOUNTAIN TRACKS , Book #1 of the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series, was originally titled THE JUDGE'S DAUGHTER. This was back in the days when publishers believed having a unique title was far more important than having a relevant one, and authors (at least at my level) had little or no sway over what the marketing department decided their books should be called. "Smoky Mountain Tracks" was the least onerous of all the titles they came up with (one of which was--I kid you not-- COLD NOSE, WARM HEART.)  I  have been waiting 15 books to use the title, "The Judge's Daughter."    If you’re a writer, you know how important it is to choose the right title for your novel. A good title can make all the difference in whether

Move Over, Hemmingway

By now you've probably heard about Chat GPT, the artificial intelligence app that is so smart it passed the entrance exam to at least one elite university and is being banned by schools because it makes cheating almost impossible to detect. It can write essays, news articles, commercials, speeches, advertising copy and, as it turns out, novels!  Or at least the synopsis for one.  I asked, Genie, a Chat GPT app, to brainstorm an idea for a mystery novel titled "Flash of Fire" which is set in Dogleg Island, Florida and features police chief Aggie Malone, her husband Ryan Grady, and their border collie Flash.  In about three seconds, the app created this:  The residents of Dog Leg Island, Florida live in a state of unease. For years, the island has been plagued by a series of unsolved murders, and the local law enforcement has been unable to find the culprit. Chief of Police Aggie Malone and her husband Deputy Sheriff Grady have been tasked with solving the mysterious murder