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What's Next

 Now available from Amazon here Available for Nook here Audio coming soon!    With today’s launch of UNSTOPPABLE: A BUCK LAWSON MYSTERY   (Book #2), I have just published my 22 nd mystery.   For those who are counting (and I’m not; I had to look it up) this is my 115 th   (or possibly 120 th ; sources vary) published novel. To coin a phrase: Boy, am I tired. I am now actively writing three mystery series: The Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series, The Dogleg Island Mystery Series, and the Blood River Mystery Series.   I also have two women’s fiction series still in print and actively attracting readers: The Ladybug Farm series, and The Hummingbird House Series.   Whenever I announce the publication of a novel from one of the series, I get a slew of e-mails asking when the next book in another series is coming out. When’s the next Flash book?   Will there be any more Ladybug Farm books?   What happened to The Hummingbird House? Don’t get me wrong: I love it! How many authors wou