Once a month I’d like to devote this space to answering some of the questions I get from readers. But first, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about a few how-tos.

Let’s start with the basics: the best way to reach me is through my website’s “contact me” page.  The worst way to reach me is through Facebook or Instant Messenger.  I rarely check my Facebook page, and Instant Messenger doesn’t always go through.  I sometimes discover messages from a year ago that I never saw!   I try to respond to all comments on my blog or Facebook posts, but the chances that I’ll see them are 50/50.  So if you want to make sure I see your message, take a minute, go to my website, and click the button.

Make no mistake about it, I love getting e-mail from my readers!  Who wouldn’t?  I love the pictures of your dogs, the stories you tell about how my books have affected your lives, your thoughts on how you’d like to see my stories go.   I make every attempt to answer them all, although if I’m at a crucial point in the writing process, it might take a while.  And I also confess that occasionally a reader e-mail gets lost or accidently deleted, which makes me very sad.  If you have been a victim of one of those accidental losses, I sincerely apologize.  Try me again.

By far the most frequently asked questions I get are:

1)      Are you going to write any more (fill in the blank) books?

2)      When is the next (fill in the blank) book coming out?

So here are the answers, conveniently located all in one place:

 Ladybug Farm:  No new books are planned as of this post, but I haven’t eliminated the possibility.

Hummingbird House:  Yes!  I’m working on the next Hummingbird House book now.

Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries: Absolutely.  This is my most popular series, and I will not abandon it as long as readers keep buying the books.  The next book is scheduled for spring/summer 2022 (but could always come sooner!).

Dogleg Island Mysteries: Even though the plotline regarding Aggie’s father and the Ghost Syndicate is resolved in Flash in the Dark, Aggie, Grady and Flash have many more adventures in store. Flash is one of my favorite characters, and I couldn’t bear to let him go.  Look for the next book following Raine Stockton Dog Mystery # 15.

As you can see, I have plenty to keep me busy, which is why the following e-mail made me laugh out loud:

“Have you considered giving Buck (from the Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries) his own series?”

The reason I laughed is because the answer is Yes!  In fact, here is the answer to the Number One Most Often Asked Question:  When will your next book be out?


Jeanie Jackson said…
Thank you. I loved your answers for Raine and Buck. Can't wait to see where life has taken him. He has disappointed me but I still love him.
Karen Bentley said…
If Hollywood were to come knocking (hint-hint to producers out there!), who would you most like to see playing Buck? And Raine and Cisco, for that matter? :-)
Amanda Bernardo said…
Hi, I'm a Brazilian fan. I would like to know some information... When I was a teenager, I read a book of yours called "earthbound". In Brazil it's called, "The Irresistible Mister Ghost". I wonder if this book that claims to be inspired by the 1947 movie "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" was also inspired by the 1968 TV series? The movie I found more melancholy and the TV series more comic. I really felt the presence of the element humorous in your book "earthbound". I would like to clear this doubt.

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